Brennista­ir in Flˇkadalur Icelandic accommodation
Brennista­ir has been in tourism since 1970 and is one of oldest tourist farms in the west part of Iceland. The structure was in the hands of former farmers ┴rni Theˇdˇrsson and VigdÝs Sigvaldadˇttir, theirs daughter and her husband has now taken the tourism under their care. The farm has a diverse stock, sheep goats horses ducks chickens rabbits cat dog and various other pets. Great emphasis is placed on a pleasant interface good food and chat to visitors so they feel like being at home. Guests are welcome to see the farm accompanied by family members and or learn about the farming and local area. We always give us time to chat and answer questions as we can.

In our immediate vicinity: Deildartunguhver, Reykholt, Hraunfossar, H˙safell, Surtshellir Grßbrˇk.

Attractions suitable for day trips: SnŠfellsnes, Nor­urßrdalur, H˙safell and Ůingvellir or our famous Golden Circle (Gullfoss, Geysir and Ůingvellir).
VefsÝ­uger­ hřsing og umsjˇn: Bemar tŠkni■jˇnusta      Vefpˇstur innskrßning            
Brennista­ir tel.: +354 4351565 and +354 6961544     E-mail:
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